Dr No Wahcamoly

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The Ultimate Wah Wah Rocker pedal with:

*Hand wound  “Myth Halo” inductor.
*100% Handmade in Eindhoven Rockcity
*Custom made Award Winning Graphics (Dieline Awards 2012).
*Silkscreened wooden box
*Power input DC 9Volts Negative Point 2.1mm Jack
*Output capacitor switch 3 settings to for ultimate WahWah sweetness.
*Heavy Duty Die Cast Housing with Powder Coated surface.
*Vintage style Wah Pot.
* Premium Components
*Added Buffer Circuit (No need to worry about positions and losing power and defenition of your Holy Wahcamoly when putting in effects chain). A little added volume when hitting the pedal (Adjustable with “trimpot” inside).