Vox AV60 Analog Valve Combo 60Watt



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Vox AV60 Analog Valve Combo 60Watt

The AV60 is a fully-featured analog amp that packs decades worth of tones into a compact, yet gig-worthy combo. The AV60’s unique multi-circuit analog pre-amp utilizes a 12AX7 tube to provide a full complement of clean, crunch, overdrive, and high gain tones that can be tailored to your liking via the Bright and Fat switches.

Power: 60Watt
Inputs: 1
Controls: 2x Preamp Circuit Rotary Switch (8 programs), 2x Gain, 2x Treble, 2x Middle, 2x Bass, 2x Volume, Power Level, Effects, Bright, Fat, Bias, Reactor
Tubes: 2x 12AX7 (Preamp), Solid State Poweramp
Weight: 16,6Kg
Dimensions: 590 x 491 x 272mm
Footswitch: VFS2/VFS5 Not Included
Effects Loop: Yes
Speaker: VOX original 12" 3 ohms