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Gold Tone AC-5 Composite Banjo

door Gold Tone

Waanzinnige banjo om mee te beginnen, met een groots geluid en heerlijke bespeelbaarheid.

Gold Tone brings back the high-quality, low-priced beginner Bluegrass banjo! The AC-5 combines full-range sound, super playability and outstanding durability at a price ANYONE can afford. The sound is due in no small measure to the AC-5's modern composite shell. This strong, resonant material is light in weight but high in stiffness and trouble-free. Coupled with the maple resonator back, the AC-5 produces a punchy fourth-string bark and clear ringing high notes. You can't find a better first banjo, child's banjo or travel banjo than the Gold Tone AC-5. The price includes a one-year warranty and a padded gig bag, too! Available as left-handed model.

- Ketel (rim): Composiet
- Spanrand: Flat bar
- Armsteun: Gold Tone, gegraveerd
- Vel: 11" LC Fiberskyn
- Hals: Esdoorn
- Toets: Zwart hout
- Positiemarkeringen: Dots
- Halspen: Tweezijdig instelbaar
- Mensuur: 665 mm
- Breedte topkam: 30,2 mm
- Brug: Esdoorn met ebben zadel
- Topkam: Been
- Staartstuk: Terminator
- Klankkast: Composiet
- Stemmechanieken: Gitaarmodel
- Stemming: G-D-G-B-D
- Gewicht: 2,5 kg
- Geleverd met: Hoes
- Finish: Composiet
- Metaal: Verchroomd

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