VOX AC30/6 TB (Made in England '90s model) USED!



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Geweldige Vox AC30/6 TB uit de jaren '90. Zoals een Vox hoort te klinken!

Control Panel

The AC30/6 TB control panel layout is the same as the original, even to the point of being back to front! You will notice that we have added a standby switch; this is intended to prolong the life of the valves, by stopping the surge of electricity when the unit is switched on.

Valve Configuration

The valve line-up of the AC30/6 TB is as follows: Five ECC83s and one ECC82 in the preamp stage, with four EL84s in the power stage operating in Class A, plus a GZ34 rectifier valve in the power supply, for that unique Vox tone and feel.


The AC30 comes with original diamond fret cloth reproduction and Vox’s famous basketweave vinyl covering, and the cabinet is made of birch ply throughout, to original specifications. Other Vox cosmetic features, such as the authentic Vox handles, are also true to the original. The vent grilles have been enlarged to allow for improved ventilation. This provides longer valve life and improves amplifier performance.


The AC30/6 TB circuit is a faithful copy of the circuit designed by Dick Denney, Vox design engineer from 1957 to 1965. 33 Watts RMS before distortion, Six inputs, Hi and low for each channel, Brilliant, Normal and Vibtrem. Each channel has its own volume control. The Brilliant channel has Bass and Treble tone controls. A cut control acts as an additional tone for all channels. There is a Speed control and Vibtrem selector for Vibtrem channel. An authentic Vox oval die cast “egg” footswitch is included.

-Power Output: 30 Watts
-Tubes: 5AR4, EL84 (4), 12AU7, 12AX7 (5)
-Original Speakers: 2 12" Alnico Blue
-Controls: Speed, Vib/Trem, Vib Volume, Normal Volume, Brillaint Volume, Treble, Bass, Cut
-Dimensions: 27.5" x 22.5" x 10.5"
-Weight: 70 lbs