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Cream T Bernie Bucker Aged Nickel (Set)

door Cream T

De signature pickup set van Bernie Marsden. Dit zijn clones van de pickups uit Marsden's 59 Les Paul!

Cream T heeft met Thomas Nilsen een echte wiz-kid in huis. Hij heeft de zogenaamde Super Scanner technologie ontwikkeld waarmee hij de oude, geliefde pickups uit bijvoorbeeld een '59 Les Paul tot in detail kan lezen, en vervolgens 1-op-1 kan reproduceren. Zo geschiedde vervolgens ook met Bernie Marsden's '59 Les Paul, liefkozend bekend als "The Beast". Ben je dus op zoek naar pickups die zijn sound benaderen - of beter gezegd: reproduceren - zoek dan niet verder! Helemaal te gek.

Dit is wat Bernie Marsden zelf te zeggen heeft over de Bernie Buckers:

On 1st October 2019 I had a private visit at my house with a Norwegian colleague, Thomas Nilsen. We had talked a few times in the previous few months about a possible signature BM pickup. Thomas, being the engineer owner of Cream T Pickups, was very excited about a very new procedure he had been working on, and came to show me at my home. Almost as soon as he arrived, he had transformed my kitchen into some kind of instant electronic laboratory!

He produced a piece of equipment that looked like a Doctor Who prop, but turned out to be a type of scanner. The machine was set up, computer fired up, leads and cables plugged in and headphones worn.

Thomas now needed one more ingredient, the most essential one. The guitar on offer was no less than my 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, known universally as ‘The Beast.’ Thomas practically plugged the guitar into the scanner and technically cloned The Beast’s pickups. The Cream T ‘Super Scanner’ Series now had a new member to sit alongside Z.Z. Top’s Billy F Gibbons legendary ‘Pearly Gates’ Les Paul!

Thomas has since produced prototype of the ‘Bernie Buckers’ for me to add to a few of my guitars. I have to say that I’m totally knocked out with the results. I have added them to an old Les Paul Gold Top, and a relatively new PRS BM signature guitar, and both now have an uncanny, and slightly eerie, resemblance sound-wise to the original pickups on The Beast. I still don’t really understand how he does it, but the thing is, he does!

So, if you are a fan of the guitar sound on my classic Whitesnake solos and rhythm tracks, and the guitar I wrote ‘Here I Go Again’ with, check out these Super Scanner Series. If you want to upgrade your guitar once and for all with genuine vintage sound pickups, Cream T and their Super Scanner Series is the way to go. Ask Billy F Gibbons if you don’t believe me!

  • Humbucker Pickups
  • Boxed in bespoke Bernie Marsden numbered packaging
  • Comes with a numbered certificate of authentication
  • 100% exact electronic reproductions of the pickups in Bernie Marsden's 1959 Les Paul known as "Beast"
  • Neck Output approx: 8.3k*
  • Bridge Output approx: 8.5k*

*measured with HD calibrated high end multi-meter in controlled conditions.

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