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Origin Effects Deluxe61

SKU 4-origindeluxe61

Authentieke Tremolo in pedaalvorm!

The DELUXE61 provides a full circuit recreation of the sought-after Fender® Brown Deluxe, with an all-analogue signal path. This includes a Class A preamp, push-pull output stage, output transformer and reactive load. All this adds up to the most convincing amp tone you’ll get from a pedal, capturing everything that makes the Brown Deluxe great. The lush cleans, the warm midrange and the signature gritty, raunchy overdrive – it’s pure Rock ‘n’ Roll right on your pedalboard.

Weight: 900 g (1.98 lb)
Dimensions: 143 × 93 × 65 mm (5.62 x 3.66 x 2.56 in.)
Current Draw: 100 mA
Power Supply: 9V DC 2.1 mm centre-negative

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