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Strymon Sunset Dual-Overdrive

door Strymon

Strymon Sunset

The Sunset is, as its name suggests, a dual overdrive pedal and has a pretty wide array of tones to hand, judging by the demo video. A quick listen to the videos below you will hear what I mean straight away. It covers a lot of ground and seems to do a good job at attaining really useful sounds.
Like its sibling, the Riverside, the Sunset uses a combination of analogue and digital processing to achieve its drive tones. This gives you the best of both worlds, and I like that Strymon are pushing forward with this combination of technologies.

• Six drive circuit topologies with custom tuned voicing for each drive type
• Precision crafted drive circuits stackable in multiple combinations for a wide variety of complex, responsive tones.
• Analog class A JFET input gain stage maximizes headroom while adding up to 20dB of pure analog gain
• Drive and Tone control ranges optimized for each circuit topology
• Series, reverse series, and parallel drive circuit stacking via Config switch
• Bright switch to tailor the sound for use with all amplifiers from dark to bright
• Optional variable-threshold noise reduction for taming noisy guitar pickups
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