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Supro 1695TH Black Magick Head

by Supro
SKU 1-1695TH

Supro 1695TH Black Magick Head

The Supro Black Magick head packs all the award-winning tone and circuitry of the Black Magick combo into a compact all-tube head format. This 25W, high-gain blues machine pairs perfectly with the Supro Black Magick 1 x 12, 1 x 15, Statesman 2 x 12 extension cabinets or your favorite vintage 4 x 12 cab.

Power: 25Watt
Inputs: 2
Volume 1, Volume 2, Tone, Speed&Depth (Tremolo)
Tubes: 4x 12AX7 (Preamp), 2x 6973 (Poweramp)
Weight: 10,8Kg
610 x 356 x 298mm
Footswitch: Optional
Effects Loop: No
Speaker: Optional.

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